Saturday, September 3, 2011

Citroen ZX Service Manual


Citroen ZX Service Manual. Service Manual models covered: all Citroen ZX hatchback models with petrol engines, including special/limited editions 1360 cc, 1580 cc, 1761 cc, 1905 cc and 1998 cc (Inc. 16-valve). Service manual content: Living with your CITROEN ZX, introduction, safety first!, overall dimensions and weights, AGAINST test checks, checks from the driver's seat, the checks carried out by vehicles on the ground, checks carried out by vehicles, inspection of your vehicle's emission exhaust system roadside repairs, purchase spare parts and vehicle identification number, Jacking, towing and wheel ändraBooster battery (hop) begins, detecting leaks, Radio/cassette unit, immobilizer system – precaution, conversion factors, routine maintenance, routine maintenance and service, lubricants, fluids and capacity maintenance schedule. REPAIRS and overhaul, the engine and associated systems, TU series engine into the car repair procedures, XU series engine into the car repair, engine removal and General engine overhaul procedures, cooling, heating and ventilation, fuel and exhaust systems – carburettor models, fuel and exhaust system – single point fuel injection models, fuel and exhaust systems, multipoint fuel injection models, emission control systems, electric engine systems, transmission, clutch, manual transmission automatic gearbox, Driveshafts, brakes, brakes, suspension and steering, body equipment, body work and fittings, electrical, body electrical systems, Wiring diagrams, tools and working facilities, General repair procedures, error found, glossary of technical terms.