Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2009 Honda TRX90X, SPORTRAX 90X ATV Owner’s Manual


2009 Honda TRX90X, SPORTRAX 90X ATV Owner’s Manual
Honda TRX 90X ATV 4X2 driveline was first introduced in 2003, powered by 86cc SOHC, 4 stroke engine teamed with manual/ automatic transmission. Equipped with an independent front suspension and front dual sealed drum brakes for safety, this ATV is designated for young rider.

This manual offers comprehensive information for those who own Honda TRX 90x and Honda Sportrax 90x ATV model 2009, to help them get acquainted quickly with these ATV and know how to do for safety purpose while riding and maintaining the Sportrax 90x and ATX 90x ATV.


Important Safety Information
Safety Labels
Operation Component Locations
Controls & Features [ Fuel Valve ~ Ignition Switch ~ Start Button ~ Engine Stop Switch ~ Headlight Switch ~ Headlight Dimmer Switch ~ Throttle Lever ~ Clutch Lever/Parking Brake Lever ~ Reverse Assist Lever ~ Front Brake Lever ~ Rear Brake Pedal ~ Parking Brake ~ Flag Pole Bracket ]
Are You Ready to Ride? [ Protective Apparel ~ Rider Training ~ Age Recommendation ~ No Passengers ~ No Alcohol or Drugs ]
Is Your ATV Ready to Ride? [ Pre-ride Inspection ~ Load Limits & Guidelines Loading ~ Load Limits ~ Loading Guidelines ]
Accessories & Modifications [ Accessories ~ Modifications ]
Safe Riding Precautions [ Off-road Use Only ~ Keep Hands and Feet on Controls ~ Control Speed ~ Use Care on Unfamiliar or Rough Terrain ~ Do Not Perform Stunts ]
Starting & Stopping the Engine [ Preparation ~ Starting Procedure ~ Flooded Engine ~ Bank Angle Sensor Ignition Cut-off System ~ How to Stop the Engine ]
Shifting Gears
Riding in Reverse
Riding Your ATV [ Making Turns ~ Skidding or Sliding ~ Riding Up Hills ~ Riding Down Hills ~ Crossing or Turning on Hills or Slopes ~ Riding Over Obstacles ~ Riding Through Water ]